Is It Possible To Make Money Online Without Advertising?

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I have discovered from being online for a few years trying to make money that the only people who seem to get it right are the people who sell you something to also make money online. If you are one of the 95% of people who fail to make money online then you should read this article.

I used to think that everyone was making money online except me and I landed up spending a fortune on all the fancy websites that offer you free teaching on how to get to page one of Google etc. The problem was that any software I purchased to do the job for me simply did not work.

But I could not give up as I simply had no choice being in a country that has over a 40% unemployment rate I could not get a job, so I continued to search for a magic website that would guarantee an income. I do not need a six figure income in order to survive but it would be nice.

It occurred to me that the only thing that all the billions of websites online have in common is that they are all trying to sell you something. But the bottom line of all this “raw capitalism” is that it seems the only way to get free traffic to your website is rather complicated.

There are basics that you need like a website which you can get free in a lot of places but be careful because this free website could cost you over $ 200 a year. Then you need hosting as well as the standard auto-responder in order to send out the emails so you can make more money from your list.

My advice to anyone without a list is to avoid paying the cost of an auto-responder until you know that you have a formula that works. But this formula needs other additions besides a great website and some hosting. You need traffic or visitors in order to be successful.

Getting free traffic is not as easy as it sounds because you need to get qualified, verified backlinks and a lot of them in order to get any page rank on a big search engine like Google. But getting backlinks is certainly not as easy as it sounds just like the rest of making money online.

During my process of getting guaranteed money online I finally stumbled on a website that said it would not only give me money upfront but it would GUARANTEE that I would make money. So I signed up and tried it out for a few weeks to see what new kind of scam this was.

The shocking truth was that it actually does work and the best part is that you don’t have to advertise anything. You don’t have to send referrals and you don’t need to spend a fortune on buying any traffic. In fact you don’t even need a website.

How to Make Money Now – Is it Possible?

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You have see it. All the claims, “You can make a lot…Now!” You see it on infomertials, billboards and even in your electronic mail. It appears there are of people with programs to get you rich. But…is it really true? Can you make money NOW? Let’s look deeper into this subject.

The old proverb, “If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is,” applies to most money making plans. There are many marketers out there that are happy to take your money and promise the world. Nevertheless, what they return is some times much to a lesser extent than promised. You are left a few (or many) bucks shorter with nothing but a package of stuff that did not work out. Or, worse still, a garage full of the latest MLM products that never sold and you were never able to get anyone to sign up under you.

Are there sound programs? I think there are. It’s a issue of finding them and following up on your homework. The advent of the Internet has leveled the playing field for many determined entrepreneurs. Can they show you how to earn money now? Well, in all likelihood not. Let ‘s take a look at a few of of the possibilities:

Affiliate programs

Affiliate programs offer the power to earn money by selling someone else’s product. The advantage here is you don’t need to prepare and sell your product. The product is already complete, all you have to do is advertize it. This usually means building a website or writing advertisements to run in either classified ads, or employing different online ad platforms. The drawback is ad costs. You will also need to develop a website, or outsource someone to do it for you. So this drops out of the “now” category.

Your own product

Yes you can make a good profit from your own product. This can range from an e book to a video recording. You can also build a “real” product like a CD or DVD. Of course along with this you want to do a lot of research, develop the product, and sell it. Other jobs include building a web site and a method of completeing the sales. This can take weeks or months. not in the “now” category.

Google Adsense

This might be about the nearest you will get to earning money “now.” There is still some work required (anyone who says making money does not take sweat, is only attempting to sell you something). Compared to other methods, though, Adsense is fairly simple. Essentially all you need to do is set up a web site, fill it with good content, sign up for an Adsense account, and you are ready to go.

So can you really find out how to make money now? I think it’s really contingent on your definition of “now.” If it is immediately at this moment, I am afraid you may be in for a letdown. If you are willing to do some looking around, expend some time studying some methods and impliment them then you will find yourself making some cash eventually.” When this happens is really up to you.